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Asparagus was a food we really didn't care for as children. It tasted bitter and made our pee smell funny. But, as we got older, it grew on us and the urine smell was just another of life's little bumps in the road. So, when Christine Ha made asparagus the ingredient of the week, we were happy to learn about the green variety of the vegetable.

As usual, our commenters came in and provided additional insight, like an alternate method for cooking it. Sir Ron wrote:

Another idea... Very briefly blanch. Dry. Toss with olive oil, kosher salt, ground pepper. Place on a very hot grill for no more than 1-2 mins (enough for grill marks). Serve immediately or take 2-3 and wrap them together at the bottom with prosciutto.

File this under super simple food that makes you look smarter than you really are. These kill when I do them at tailgates. Works if you skip the blanching stage, which I sometimes do if I do all the prep outside.

Oh, yeah, we're trying that. Next time you get prosciutto-wrapped asparagus from our grill, thank SirRon!

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