Pot Luck

Comment of the Day

Today Lauren Marmaduke reported on a bill that, if passed, would allow Texas businesses to sell hard alcohol on Sundays, leading to a debate in the comments on whether or not such a move would really result in more sales. But for at least one commenter, chef504, it wasn't about that:

I don't give a damn if it does or does not make more money for the state of Texas. I care about the fact that it's against the law to buy alcohol on Sunday. "Blue Laws" is a real nice way to not say, "go fuck yourselves while we impose our religious values on all you godless heathens in need of saving despite yourselves." I cannot believe that in the year 2011 Texas still has laws on the books that seem to have been inspired by a bunch of church ladies. I come from the land of thinking that adults can make decisions to purchase liquor whenever they need to without a legislature governing on the subject.

You tell 'em, chef504. Cheers!

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