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Glenn Livet hit the lunchtime happy hour at the Red Lion. Commenter Ted Stickles, for one, is over it:

Man, screw this place. Yea, the food is good, but it really sucks that they raised their prices right after they were featured in that show. Since an Imperial pint is about 20% more than an American pint, shouldn't the price be correspondingly more? $5 is about the standard price for an American pint round these parts, so $5 x 20% = $1 means their beers should be $6, not $7. Just seems like that extra dollar is caused by the publicity generated by 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'. I have similar beef with Niko-Niko's.

Although it took us a bit to comprehend your formula, we agree with your sentiment, Ted Stickles.

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