Comment of the Day

Today Amber Ambrose wrote about fava beans for her Ingredient of the Week, and commenter A Fool Once More wrote in with some additional information:

You're describing a dish called fool (or foul) medamas, which is sold canned at HEB, Fiesta, as well as the Middle Eastern grocery stores around town. I get the most plain variety, rinse the beans quickly, and heat them up with some cumin and mash them a bit. I'll serve this with olive oil, garlic, chili on top, as well as some fresh parsley and chopped tomatoes and a good piece of bread to scoop with. A small drizzle of tahini sauce is not a bad idea either. I believe you can also buy the fava beans shelled and dried instead of buying cooked canned beans.

Yum. Is it dinnertime yet, Fool?

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