Comment of the Day: Getting Serious about Tortillas

Here on Eating Our Words, the commenters absolutely make the blog, and our Comment of the Day honors the best of the bunch.

Every day, we read you guys and pick the commenter, or commenters, who made us laugh, cry, salivate over something delicious, or think about things in a new way.

In return, we offer them a virtual White Russian.

Today Christine Ha wrote about all the things one can make with that magical food, the tortilla.

Commenter/tortilla fan Jay Francis wrote in with a few points of his own:

Re: "Fry that enchilada, and you've got a flauta". Not really. The confusion comes from the fact that most people do not understand that enchilada is short-hand for the correct but much longer "tortilla enchilada". That is, a tortilla that has been coated with chile in some form (and this would typically be a sauce made from reconstituing dried chiles). In the same way a tortilla entomatada is just called entomatada and a tortilla enfrijolada is just called enfrijolada. The tortilla is understood.

Now, a flauta (flute in Spanish is a filled, rolled (toothpicks to keep it from unravelling) and deep fried tortilla.

In my opinion you can forget about a separate definition for taquito. To a Spanish speaking person that would just mean a little taco as in an appetizer size or, as an endearment. Just call them tacos and leave the "taquito" appendage to the Jack in the Boxes and Taco Bells of the world.

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