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Comment of the Day: Ready to Get As Drunk As You Can, 'Cause It's Your Right

Here on Eating...Our Words, the commenters absolutely make the blog. And every once in a while, one comment will stand out from the pack -- whether it's absolutely hilarious, stunningly awful or thoughtfully constructed and well-argued. We honor them with the Comment of the Day.

Yesterday, our own Joshua Justice expanded on the news that a bartender at Baker Street Pub in The Woodlands had been arrested for over-serving a customer by noting that many responses to the arrest had been solidly on the side of the bartender.

"While jumping to the defense of those dangerously intoxicated and those responsible for over service may seem fairly obtuse," he wrote, "Texas's lax and haphazard enforcement of TABC policy over the years can also be cited as a contributing reason why many Texans see being served until they are blind drunk as a God-given right."

That prompted reader Jacob Pahcheka to prove Justice right, by launching into a string of comments lashing out against anyone who would interfere with his own God-given right to consume as much alcohol in one sitting as possible:

over serving a far person should be just as illegal in food service. The server is still contributing to the harm of the individual. A bartender that under serves is doing a very bad job and should be fired. If I pay to get drunk I not only am consented to get drunk, I want my money back if the bartender fails to accomplish the job I paid for. We don't arrest cops because they don't stop bank robbers? Under serving me and go out of business.

But Pahcheka wasn't done there. When regular commenter texmex01 called him, simply, "an idiot" for his response, Pahcheka expounded further:

I didn't wake up today intending to showcase my devotion your pleasing? I woke up on vacation finally ready to get drunk as I can cause it's my right after protecting people at work.

We don't know what's more worrisome: the idea that Pahcheka may actually work as a peace officer of some kind ("protecting people at work") or that it seemed as if he was defending over-intoxication while actually being intoxicated himself.

Wherever you may be spending your vacation, Jacob Pahcheka, this Comment of the Day thumbs-up is for you -- and may you please refrain from driving or operating any other machinery while you're busy "get[ting] drunk as [you] can cause it's [your] right."

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