Comment of the Day: Shiny Toy Edition

Katharine Shilcutt gave our readers a bright and shiny toy to play with today with "The Nation's BBQ Capital According to Google, and It Ain't Texas." Some readers did their own investigations and came up with some interesting observations:

From Wendy:

-Other things Texas scored high on: -Pate -Foie gras -Jalapenos -Pupusa -Ghost pepper

From Hungry in Houston:

Both entertaining and clever little Blog - why didn't I think of this! Thanks :) I found it out that these didn't go to texas either: Taqueria - Georgia Beef Jerky - Oklahoma (Texas #10) If you want to see a demographic of "The South" look at the results for just "fried" :) have fun!

And from Eat More Heat:

We're just lazy. Search for BBQ & Texas is #2.

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