Pot Luck

Comment of the Day: Taboo Edition

You know what's even more taboo than foot fetishes and pig-human relations? Admitting you like Becks Prime.

But in Joanna O'Leary's post about the Becks California burger, commenter Sugarlandin tried to clear the fancy chain's name.

I often see and hear the same attitude toward Becks Prime:

"Against my will" "I had thus far avoided" "rolling my eyes every time someone else proclaims their love for the Becks burger" "I wasn't about to waste my time "

I'm curious Joanna, why the resistance in the first place?

Becks Prime is a family-owned, local company that has the fortunate success to be able to open multiple locations giving them the stigma of a "chain." GASP!

I'm happy you gave it a try and gave it a good review. I love Becks Prime but I get so tired of people acting like there is something taboo about liking them.

Well said, Sugarlandin. Enjoy your next Becks burger under the rosy glow of this, your very own leg lamp.

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