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Comment of the Day: The Authenticity Wars

Commenter Kendra was dismayed to hear about plans for a revamped menu at Mai's from Katharine's Shilcutt's post on "Restaurants We're Excited About for 2011." But commenter Thanto wasn't buying it.

Kendra says:

Mai's will have an "updated menu"? Oh, no. I hope they don't become another Kim Son with a dumbed down, Americanized menu...

Thanto says:

Kendra...trust me darling, if you had a real Viet dinner or lunch we'd watch you gallantly twiddling about, raising chopsticks to mouth and unable to feed, let alone swallow.

When you can eat dishes inflected with shrimp paste and fish paste and embryonic ducks from the shell, well, maybe then you should get back to us about Mai's or any other Viet restaurant you think is 'authentic'. Until then, keep thinking you're cool and daring.

For what it's worth, we think y'all are both nice and feisty, so you both win today's major award.

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