Comment of the Day: Those Crazy Brits

The things you can learn from reading the comments section on EOW. Joanna O'Leary wrote about five fascinating nursery rhyme foods, and commenter Trisch chimed in with the weirdest tidbit we've seen all day:

On a recent transpacific flight, I watched a show where blackbird pie was on the menu. Wikipedia's synopsis is better than anything I can come up with: "British experimental chef Heston Blumenthal attempted to create the dish for episode 5 of his Channel 4 TV series "Heston's Medieval Feast". Upon discovering that blackbirds were a protected species in the UK, he switched the recipe to pigeon. The pie and pie lid were cooked separately and allowed to cool. The live pigeons were inserted only moments before presentation. Initial attempts resulted in the pigeons refusing to fly out. This was solved by using trained homing pigeons to fly to their cages suspended in the ceiling, whereupon they defecated on the celebrity diners beneath."

Thanks for sharing, Trisch. Also, way to go, pigeons! Anyone who would do that to you deserves to be pooped on.

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