Comments of the Day

After reading the comments of Lauren Marmaduke's "Pork No Longer 'The Other White Meat,'" we had to look up both "long pig" and "clerihew."

Pork's unpopular new slogan inspired some other efforts, like these from Francois Boisjoli:

I would have gone with: "Pork - The Taste of Human Flesh, Without the Guilt"


"Pork - When Long Pig Isn't An Option"


"Pork - The Christian's Treat"

And it also inspired a poem, from VMTS:

Porky Pig used to be a moniker to like.

The Other White Meat was a sheer delight.

Now that he's "Inspired". It's obvious

He's had a taste we've all admired.

(A little clerihew humor)

Man, y'all are weird. And we love you for it.


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