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Comments of the Day

Today Joanna O'Leary struck a nerve with her Top Five Dining Companions to Avoid. Several commenters had additions to the list, like TQro here:

What about eating with the skinny bitch? I guess she'd fall in the Malcontent category. Always having an issue with not being able to order something 'light'. Always dissing your suggestions for a restaurant because everything on their menu is 'fattening'. And she usually doesn't like anything 'ethnic'. Always ordering a salad. Shat, sit your arse down and eat already, I promise you will NOT become fat eating at this specific restaurant or having this specific meal! Great Top Five, BTW!

Commenter Guest pointed out that this particular diner actually fits a couple categories:

Skinny bitch will still eat your fries. Which makes her a forager too :-) I've been making fun of skinny bees for years about this.

There you have it, EOW Nation. Tonight, we'll be at Ninfa's on Navigation, wondering which patrons are silently cursing one another...

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