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Comments of the Day

Today Christine Ha wrote about her "Top 5 Foods Best Found in Houston," and a ruckus ensued. Some commenters didn't like the list, like SirRon, who said:

Almost every single item on this list can be better found in a city not named Houston. We can enjoy the great Houston food options without having to eat our words, one bizarre Top 5 at a time, can't we?

But others appreciated the list. Wrote commenter Eric Henao:

Thinking about this list as something outside of the stereotype, I'm glad you didn't include tex-mex or bbq or burgers. Those are the stereotype of what Houston may be known for. These 5 that you listed, which are like 'duh' to me, are revelations to others who don't live in Houston or who don't follow the foodie circles. Nice article and thanks for the links.

And thanks for reading, all.

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