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Could it be that patronizing The Olive Garden is worse than putting beans in your chili? After Kevin Shalin named the chain's lasagna fritta as his top appetizer in town, there was a bit of a riot in the comments. This one from, er, olive garden!?!?!, is a good example:

OLIVE GARDEN?? Who...who's job is it to come up with these TOP 5's? I THINK I SHOULD HAVE THIS JOB INSTEAD!!

This jokester...what a jokester. OLIVE GARDEN. Wow.

But once-ubiquitous EOW commenter Early Cuyler stepped in with a different view:

Wow, what a shock. I get a job where I have to actually do some work and don't have the time to peruse the HP site, and what do I find the first time I get off early and check back in? The damn H-town foodies are still in full effect with all their righteous indignation because someone dared to say they liked an appetizer from Olive Garden. Bless you little lemmings, bless you.

Way to stir the marinara, there, Early. Don't be a stranger!

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