Fast Times

Comments of the Day: On Wine with Lunch, and Hipstamatic

Today we're doing two comments of the day, because we so wholeheartedly agree with them both.

First, in response to Katharine Shilcutt's post "Stretch that Dining Dollar: Eat Fancy at Lunch," commenter Francesca gave an over-the-top thumbs up to wine with lunch:

Oh, the wisdom encapsulated in the idea of having a glass of wine at lunch, I so agree with. This odd American notion borne of strident Puritanism, rejecting anything alcoholic at lunch is mere tight-pants silliness, as one discovers with a simple sip. I've long advocated for Da Marco because it seems an island of reality, of civility, where even businessmen can let his hair down for once and still do a three martini lunch, though with wine in place of spirit. It leaves one speaking plainly, poetically, the whole ambiance much improved and makes a long lunch truly memorable versus an iced-tea dribble drab of morose mundanity with a plate-foraging stranger.

(By the way, Katharine isn't opposed to the idea herself!)

And second, in response to Jeff Balke's "Five Tips for Shooting Food Photos with Your iPhone," commenter Kyle gave the thumbs down to Hipstamatic:

2011 is the year when Hipstamatic (and Pic Plz for Android) will be run into the ground and made a cliche, so we may as well make use of it while it lasts.

Bless you, Francesca and Kyle. May we all have wine with lunch, and may Hipstamatic die, in 2011. A leg lamp to you both!

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