Comments of the Day: The Petrol Station

Here on Eating Our Words, the commenters absolutely make the blog, and our Comment of the Day honors the best of the bunch.

Every day, we read you guys and pick the commenter, or commenters, who made us laugh, cry, salivate over something delicious, or think about things in a new way.

In return, we offer them a virtual White Russian.

In today's installment, we have two readers who disagreed over the brouhaha over at Petrol Station:

Said Bruce R:

I think the guy was trying to be cute. His attempt at humor was misguided and he was fired. That's punishment enough. People are making too big of a deal out of this.

Countered Ali:

I just can't even get into the head space where someone would think that was cute or in any way appropriate. It's just so wrong on so many levels. I really don't think anyone is making too big of a deal of it.

What if this was a racist drawing or the "n" word was written on it and handed to an African American customer? It's the same thing. Making someone feel threatened or unwelcome because of their race. And on top of that, making a joke of a tragedy that is still has a lot of fresh wounds for people.

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