Condom Flavors Ranked (Because We Want You to Be Safe and Satisfied) (sNSFW)

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6. Chocolate Our first reaction to the chocolate is that it did indeed smell like chocolate. It just didn't really taste like chocolate. "All the flavor is right at the tip," said one disappointed tester. That seemed to be the case with all of the condoms. It's not the latex itself that's flavored but the lube, and the lube doesn't seem to be evenly dispersed across the surface of the condom. Also, the condom is a weird brownish-black color that made the bananas look kind of bruised. Not how you want your junk to look.

Bottom Line: Would not use

5. Mint/Spearmint This initially seemed like the most promising flavor. Unfortunately, the smell and the flavor didn't really match up, which we noticed is a trend among flavored condoms. A large part of tasting is dependent upon smelling, though, so maybe under the right circumstances...? We agreed that the mint tasted super artificial (kind of like mouthwash), but we liked the shade of green and the smell.

Bottom Line: Might use

4. Banana Again, this condom smelled very strongly of what it purports to taste like. It just didn't taste like it. One of the tasters initially put the condom over her fingers to try it, but the rest of us suggested she might have better luck putting the banana-flavored rubber on an actual banana. Of course, that wouldn't have the same effect in the bedroom (unless you're into that?), but it did help in this case. On the bright side, the banana-flavored condom is a really cheery shade of yellow.

Bottom Line: Would use if nothing else is available

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