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Cool Down With These Three Ice Cream Sandwiches in Houston

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There's something about a giant scoop of ice cream stuffed between two soft cookies that brings a smile to anyone's face. It's a nostalgic treat that everyone grew up on, be it the giant Toll House chocolate chip cookie sandwich from ice cream trucks, the classic rectangular chocolate and vanilla Blue Bell variety, or the "healthier" options from Skinny Cow. But, this summer, step away from the grocery store freezer aisle, and sink your teeth into these three frozen cookie sandwiches from a Houston bakery, patisserie and ice cream parlor.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich at Sweet 801 Town & Country Boulevard, Suite A120

For a sophisticated twist, opt for the macaron ice cream sandwich found at Sweet in CityCentre. This treat features a giant strawberry macaron cookie (about three times the size of a normal macaron) stuffed with a two-inch scoop of Cloud 10 Creamery strawberry ice cream. Because the cookies are sticky, the tops don't slide off the ice cream, even as it melts. At $8 a pop, this unique frozen treat is big enough to split with another person. However, if you're feeling indulgent, by all means, go to town on this bad boy.

Cookie Sandwich Monday at Cloud 10 Creamery 5216 Morningside Drive

Every Monday, Cloud 10 Creamery lets you stuff any available ice cream between two fresh baked cookies. Sometimes it's chocolate chip and peanut butter, while other times it's oatmeal raisin and shortbread. Get creative with your sandwich by pairing Nutella & Marshmallow ice cream with two peanut butter cookies; take the fruity route with mango sorbet and shortbread; or keep it simple with vanilla bean and chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. Cloud 10 places one cookie in the bottom of a cup, then tops it with a baseball-size scoop of ice cream, followed by the second cookie for $6. You're bound to make a mess as you bite through the crunchy cookie and smooth ice cream. But, that's what napkins are for.

Fat Cat Creamery Ice Cream Sandwich at Michael's Cookie Jar 5330 Weslayan Street; 711 Louisiana Street, Suite R206

All summer long you can snag a delightful sandwich featuring Fat Cat Creamery vanilla ice cream and two Americana cookies from both Michael's Cookie Jar locations. The cookies are definitely the stars of the treat, but there's no complaining when each is soft and chewy. Fat Cat's vegan (or regular) vanilla ice cream complements the cookies nicely, almost like a glass of milk helping you wash down every bite. Experience Christmas in July with the snickerdoodle sandwich, or indulge in chocolate heaven with the fudge walnut for nearly $4 each.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.