Cordina Light Frozen Cocktails

Given my endorsement of Baja Bob's low-calorie mixers and my reluctant enjoyment of Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo, I think it's safe to say I have an above-average for tolerance artificially sweetened alcoholic beverages. I was, therefore, open to liking Cordina's new "light" frozen cocktails, especially since in the sweltering season I'm all about icy booze. I was disappointed.

I guess they weren't all bad. Certainly not as wretched as Chaos On The Rocks cocktails. Let's start with the positive. The pouches, which are sold at Randall's in margarita and strawberry daiquiri flavors at the very reasonable price of $2 for 10 ounces of a 5 percent alcohol drink. And whereas most other light/diet/sugarfree alcoholic beverages are only sold in full bottles or six-packs, Cordina Light Cocktails are single servings (you know, for those times, you only care about yourself getting hammered).

Plus, the plastic, portable pouches makes these cocktails ideal for settings in which drinking out of glass bottles is expressly verboten, e.g. along the Mardi Gras parade routes in New Orleans.

As for the taste, the strawberry daiquiri is okay. Very faux strawberry taste but not too sweet and infinitely more palatable when frozen. Made with wine rather than rum, so lacking in that true creamy, slightly spicy daiquiri flavor.

But, oh my, the "margarita." This was not good, not good at all. While I had no expectations for something even resembling a middle-of-the-road margarita, like one would find, say, at Pappasito's, I was still rather shocked to discover Cordina had managed to produce such a saccharine, overly tart, and antifreeze-esque beverage with an aftertaste that would cause even someone born without taste buds to pucker in dismay.

Randall's doesn't stock the third flavor of Cordina Light Cocktails, Mango Daiquiri, which, if given the choice, I would have selected over the margarita and strawberry. Despite my disappointment with the first two varieties, I will try the mango. Here's hoping the third time is the charm rather than bad things happen in threes.

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Joanna O'Leary