Corn on the Cob, Five Ways

The sun is out, and it's (hopefully) here to stay, so now is the time to enjoy some al fresco dining. And what better way to enjoy the warm weather than with the classic picnic and poolside barbecue fare, corn on the cob? While we obviously love our corn stick with the classic combination of butter, salt and pepper, there are plenty of flavorful toppings that bring a bit more thrill to the affair.

From a mayo-slathered Mexican favorite to a pistachio-crusted wonder, here are Five Exciting Ways to Top Corn on the Cob.

Mexican Grilled Corn (Elote) A mayo-slathered street food classic

Mayonnaise mixed with cayenne pepper, garlic and salt makes this Mexican street food classic a real winner. After charring the corn, slather it with the mayo, then roll the whole cob in crumbles of fresh cotija cheese. The salty, feta-like cheese will melt, barely, packing each bite with a punch of flavor. Make sure to finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice for extra zing. Get the recipe here.

Miso Garlic Butter The flavors of Japan on a cob

Mix together equal parts unsalted butter and miso paste, then add in a clove or two of minced garlic. Rub the paste all over grilled corn until it melts into each and every crevice. For a sweet and savory treat, add a bit of honey to the mix.

Kettle Corn on the Cob A scrumptious sweet treat that surprises

Cinnamon and sugar make this sweet treat taste just like kettle corn. Rub grilled corn with butter, then dust with the spice mixture before finishing with a light sprinkling of sea salt.

Curry Powder + Pistachios A spicy, earthy and crunchy treat

Curry, cumin and crushed red pepper bring plenty of spice to this earthy compound butter. Slather it onto freshly grilled corn, then roll the corn in crushed pistachios for extra crunch.

Lemon & Anchovy Butter A flavor-packed seaside delight

This umami-rich corn is the perfect accompaniment to a seafood feast. To make the anchovy butter, mix unsalted butter with minced anchovies (or anchovy paste), fresh garlic, hot paprika, kosher salt and lemon juice. Slather it onto hot fresh corn and finish with chopped fresh parsley.

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