Crave Cupcakes Debuts New Flavors, New Store

Crave Cupcakes had three new flavors and a new store to promote (at 5600 Kirby in West University), so they dropped off a six-pack at our office today around lunchtime.

A group of employees was scientifically selected (criterion: they would eat cupcakes) to taste and write about the experience of testing the new Dulce de Leche, Italian Cream and German Chocolate varieties.

Eating Our Words aggregated the experience and this is what we found:

Crave icing gets an overall rating of "great." Individual comments included: "super good," "excellent," "icing rules, was best of all," and the ever impressive "could eat the icing like candy all day long." There was one naysayer who found it "a little overpowering to the actual taste of the cake" on the Dulce de Leche.

Most everyone said the Italian Cream was moist and "not too sweet" (a good thing). But the German Chocolate cake was judged "on the dry side" by several and a few found the Dulce de Leche "doughy, dense." Others called Dulce "excellent" and one pronounced, "I want it to meet my parents."

The German Chocolate seems to have provided the widest range of reactions. Some called it "really good; not too sweet" and "loved the toasted chocolate." Others declared their dislike for coconut in any form, which may explain why it was the only cupcake left over.

One taster wrote "YUM" in every category, proving either a love for Crave cupcakes or a certain amount of laziness on his part.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.