Pot Luck

Crisper Drawer Cast-Offs: Potage

Potage a French name for thick, mushy, pureed-vegetable soup. You can make it out of just about anything, which makes it an ideal dish for cleaning your crisper drawer. I started my last pot with limp celery and a couple of wilted onion halves, to which I added a wrinkled red pepper and a whole package of mushrooms that were starting to get slimy. I put a package of the frozen broccoli that is cluttering up my freezer on top of that. Then I added four cups of chicken stock.


If I were a real chef, I would be making homemade chicken stock. Instead, I am ashamed to admit that I buy boxes of organic chicken stock in bulk at Costco. One box is perfect for a pot of soup. I have no excuse for this laziness. The chicken stock wasn't quite enough to cover the vegetables, so I added a little water.

I put some salt, thyme and black pepper in the pot, brought it to a boil and then turned it down to a simmer. I let the soup cook for over half an hour until the vegetables were complete and utter mush. Then I stuck an immersible blender in the pot and zipped it into puree. You can process it in the food processor if you don't have an immersible blender.

The delicious whole is definitely greater than the sum of the wilted parts. So call it synergy soup, if you can't pronounce potage.

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Robb Walsh
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