Pot Luck

Curling Up with a Good Scotch

Speaking of single malts, Laphroaig Scotch has announced that it will become an official sponsor of the United States Curling Association. Drinking Scotch and watching the curlers compete are two fine old Scottish traditions that I can't get enough of. It reminds me of drinking Punt e Mes and watching the bocce players in San Francisco. Curling is kind of like bocce played on ice with rocks. (Watch the only perfect 8 ever recorded in competition history in the video above.)

Women are incredibly good at curling. It seems that the balance and finesse required comes easiest to gymnasts and dancers. And damn, these women are good with their little brooms, too. I wonder what sports bars will be showing the women's curling competitions during the winter Olympics. Maybe the Kelvin Arms, our city's premier Scottish pub?

Laphroaig says its curling sponsorship brings new meaning to the phrase "Scotch on ice."

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Robb Walsh
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