Customized Cupcakes

Apparently one new way to show your business has really arrived is to have its logo, or a symbol of the type of work it does (think oil derrick), made into a roller image that can then be ironed into every fondant placed atop the cupcakes at your reception or gathering.

CRAVE Cupcakes unveiled its new "event" collection this week. The cupcakes it showed off weren't just status symbols. There were fun ones for kids' birthdays -- butterflies and train images atop perfectly symmetrical cupcakes of all sorts. There were ones customized for bat- and bar-mitzvahs, as well as adult birthdays. There was the ever-reliable chocolate-lovers collection.

Co-owner Elizabeth Harrison says the idea is to show that you can have CRAVE cupcakes at all your events. There's a set-up and delivery fee for the complete display, and if you want one of those rollers, it'll cost you a one-time fee of $125 (with two to three weeks notice).

Right now, there's a lot of orders for graduation cupcakes and ones for weddings. Harrison says that if tell them your wedding colors, they'll make sure the cupcake icing matches.

Perhaps most intriguing were the breakfast cupcakes, which generally sell out by 11 a.m. A donut cupcake, a ginger cupcake and a maple brown sugar cupcake with a glaze on top were on display, and they have a blueberry cupcake as well.

Co-owner Brad Dorsey says that while there haven't been as many cupcakes ordered for corporate events, they're seeing a lot of orders with wedding season gearing up.

To see more of these ultra cupcakes - and to add fuel to the ongoing fight about who has the best cupcakes in town - check out our slide show here.

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