Dad Deserves Brunch, Too; 5 Father's Day Dishes w/ Bacon & Bourbon

Father's Day is right around the corner (no really, it's this Sunday). In case you forgot (again, you jerk), we're sharing five swoon-worthy bacon and bourbon brunch dishes that would make any dad forget he has such shitty children.

From bacon candy to a bacon-infused bourbon cocktail, here they are:

The Sweets Cast Iron Cinnamon Rolls w/ Bourbon Caramel Sauce

You can make these fluffy, buttery cinnamon rolls from scratch, or you can just get a tube of Pillsbury rolls, throw them in a cast-iron skillet, brush them with butter, cinnamon and sugar and pretend you spent all day prepping. Either way, be sure to glaze them with the bourbon caramel sauce. Of course, adding in candied bacon couldn't hurt either.

The Slice Candied Bourbon Bacon

The perfect sweet and salty companion to eggs and Texas toast, these bacon bites are brushed with bourbon, then sprinkled with brown sugar and baked to a caramelized crisp. We prefer to leave them in whole slices because we like the thought of eating giant sticks of bacon candy. Add a sprinkle of chili powder for kick. And be sure to get thick-cut bacon straight from the butcher (try Whole Foods) for ultimate satisfaction.

The Spread Bacon Jam

Smear this chunky, syrupy bacon jam -- made with garlic, onions, maple syrup, cider vinegar and coffee -- on toast and freshly-baked biscuits or use it to make killer egg sandwiches, BLTs, and breakfast grilled cheeses.

The Feast Bourbon Bacon Pancakes

Sinfully delicious, these pancakes are idiot-proof. Just mix pancake mix with buttermilk, eggs, bourbon and a splash of vanilla, then make your hot cakes and top 'em with bourbon maple syrup and crumbled bacon. For extra crunch, add the bacon (and maybe some chocolate chips) directly into the pancake mix.

The Drink Bacon Old Fashioned

You'll need at least 24 hours to concoct a bacon-infused bourbon for this "brunch" cocktail. Mix it with maple syrup, bitters, and an orange twist, then prepare to be loved for the first time since you missed that game-losing field goal in 6th grade.

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