Dad's Day Gift Idea: Gourmet Jerky Assortment

I used to think I was a beef jerky connoisseur because I pulled over at Woody's Smokehouse on I-45 halfway to Dallas and tried a different variety of jerky every time I took a trip north. I also thought turkey jerky was pretty adventurous. That was before I visited the store in Hong Kong City Mall called Kho Bo Houston. Kho bo means beef jerky in Vietnamese. I had no idea the Vietnamese were such jerky enthusiasts. Beyond dried meat and fish products, the store seems to sell all kinds of dried fruits, nuts and candies. I saw dried papaya, dried jackfruit and more than a dozen varieties of dried plums in various seasonings.

There were several truly amazing flavors available, like spicy lemongrass beef jerky and ginger beef jerky, and then there were some truly weird jerkies -- how about some fish jerky with sesame seeds? Or maybe some anchovy jerky? It's a jerky store like none you've ever seen.

If Dad is a jerky guy, this is a great place to get him a gift basket for Father's Day.

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