Davis Meat Market's Lockwood Cheeseburger

The cheeseburger I ate at Davis Meat Market on Lockwood just north of I-10 was just short of greatness. The sesame seed bun wasn't properly toasted and the burger patty was a little dry. I got sliced tomato, chopped lettuce and onions and some fresh jalapeño along with mustard and mayo on the sandwich. The hand cut French fries that come with the cheeseburger basket were fantastic.

Mr. Davis grinds his own hamburger meat everyday, so that's not the problem. In fact, the fry cook at the Lockwood Malt Shop right down the street used to use Mr. Davis's ground meat for the big juicy burgers served at that fine establishment, before it went out of business. I think that maybe next time I need to ask Mr. Davis to cook my burger medium or medium rare. Some bacon couldn't hurt either.

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Robb Walsh
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