On the Road

Day Trip: Café Medici in Austin

Feeling like hopping out of town? A quick trip to Austin may be in order. Café Medici is a great destination for coffee there. With two unique locations offering quality espresso made by professional baristas - in the Clarksville neighborhood (1101 West Lynn) and on the notoriously busy University of Texas drag (2222B Guadalupe) -- Medici is a sure shot for an enjoyable stay in ATX.

The West Lynn location has started an innovative coffee, charcuterie and dessert pairing called Medici Notte that is available Friday and Saturday evenings. Led and created by competitive barista Lorenzo Perkins, this coffee experience is an affordable luxury, with most pairings of coffee and food available for less than $10. Offering single-origin espresso shots -- that's one single country in your espresso cup -- as well as more conventional espresso-based drinks has given Medici the reputation as Austin's leading spot for the full-on café experience.

Medici offers coffees locally roasted in nearby Spicewood, Texas, and the well-trained baristas work closely with the artisan roasters. Every week, Café Medici's employees go through comprehensive coffee tastings to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the newest offerings at both locations. Lorenzo has really inspired a new class of barista in Austin. Not checking this cool café out on your next trip would be a waste of a good shot of 'spro.

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