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Deep In the Heart (Attack) of Texas - Update!

"Deep In the Heart 'Attack' of Texas" is a new sandwich from Cer Te, a restaurant in Manhattan known for its sandwich options and their occasionally clever names: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Godfather. But this latest sandwich was designed by a customer of the restaurant, a man only known as "Jeffrey," and features enough calories to fell a steer.

The Deep, as I will refer to it for short, contains a piece of chicken fried steak covered with cream gravy and macaroni and cheese, all between two pieces of Texas toast. All that's missing is a little Lone Star flag sticking out of the top.

But is this truly representative of the kind of cuisine in Texas? Combining The Deep somehow with Cer Te's BBQ Brisket Sandwich might get us closer to a more traditionally Texan sandwich -- and a few steps closer to killing you in the process.

What kind of sandwich would best represent Texas? My vote would be for a sandwich showcasing some of the best and most currently authentic food that Texas has to offer: Gulf shrimp sandwich with tomatoes from Knopp Branch Farm, smoked bacon from Grateful Bread and Pure Luck's chipotle goat cheese on bolillo bread from El Bolillo.

I'd call it The Real Texan, because I'm uncreative like that. And because, as has been demonstrated, we tend to buy anything that calls itself Texan. What sandwich would you make?

Update: We received an email from Jeffrey himself regarding The Deep, and it was too good not to share:

Ha, I can't believe this made it back to Houston. I am that "Jeffrey" who submitted the idea to Cer Te, and just to clarify I was born and raised in Texas, and lived just outside of Houston in Angleton. You can't get a chicken fried steak in any restaurant in NYC and I'm just glad I got to see it in action. Who hasn't had a chicken fried steak with mac and cheese, gravy and Texas toast in Texas before? That's pretty damn Texan.

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