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Despite the Missing Sign, Dunkin' Donuts at S. Shepherd Is Still Coming

If anyone has driven by the future location of Dunkin' Donuts at Shepherd and Fairview, he or she may be wondering where the "Coming Soon" sign has gone. No, Dunkin Donuts hasn't changed its mind about setting up shop in what is destined to become the most centrally located Dunkin' in Houston.

According to Susan A. Schmaeling of Susan A. Shmaeling APR, this future Dunkin' Donuts location is still coming -- the timetable just has changed.

"The process of permitting takes time," Schmaeling says. "It is definitely coming."

The buzzed-about location was originally set to open in late June; however, the opening has been pushed back to later in July. Schmaeling says the process of opening up and getting all the equipment for the new site is taking a little bit longer than was previously projected.

The other three locations coming to Houston are still on track, as well, to come to Houston. The East Lake Houston Parkway location in Humble will be coming in late August, the Fairmont Parkway location in Pasadena will be opening in late July and the IAH airport location inside Terminal E is still on track for the summer.

So have no fear, Houstonians, Dunkin' Donuts is still coming to the South Shepherd and Fairview location, just a little bit later. Get excited about the grand opening, though. Schmaeling says there'll be a surprise for guests on opening day. She didn't say what the surprise will be, but it might have to do with cash.

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