Deutsch Dawg: JCI Grill's "German Style" Hot Dog of the Month
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

Deutsch Dawg: JCI Grill's "German Style" Hot Dog of the Month

Last month, we relished (pun intended) "The Colombian," the first in the series of "funky dawgs" designed by Chef Randy Evans. The verdict: ¡Deli!

This May saw the debut of Funky Dawg #2, a  "German Style" Texas Hill Country Dog. This plump number is  a 44 Farms, all-Angus beef, jalapeño and cheddar cheese hot dog stuffed inside a pretzel bun, then topped with red cabbage sauerkraut and hot beer pub mustard. Whereas the Colombian was more sweet and tropical, the German-Style Texas Hill Country Dog is a full-on savory, stick-to-your-bones experience.  The thick texture and slightly malty flavor of the pretzel bun  terrifically complement the spicy frankfurter, whose richness is slightly tempered by the sweet cabbage slaw.  And just when you think it's smooth sailing in terms of heat, in comes the spiral drizzle of pub mustard to tickle your tongue.  April and May dogs are two different species, with neither superior to the other, and both lip-smacking delicious depending on the flavor predilections of the consumer.

Also new and worth noting at JCI Grill are handy tumblers ($5.99), which hold 24 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage.  Refills will set you back $1.89 except on JCI's 2015 Anniversary celebration dates: May 21, June 18, July 16, September 17. On those days, bring in your tumbler for a 92-cent refill and a 92-cent  original coney dog for the best lunch in town for under two bucks. 

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