Dipping Fries into a Milkshake?

In post a couple weeks ago about the new fries at Wendy's a commenter asked how they tasted dipped into a Frosty. That got my memory churning about a discussion I had with my wife once about my time-honored tradition of taking a salty, piping-hot French fry and dunking it headfirst into the sweet and creamy pool of a milkshake. She had never even heard of that until I told her about it, and I was astounded. I thought every kid did that at some point.

To me, it is the perfect marriage of flavors - and a great opportunity to use the word "juxtaposition." Maybe my brother and I are the freaks, though. So I asked Houston's hottest new expert in milkshakes and fries, Steve Marques, one of The Burger Guys, what he thought of the practice.

As soon as I said the words, "fries in milkshake" he blurted out, "chocolate, chocolate." He is a veteran of the practice, back from his high school days when McDonald's still used to fry the fries in beef fat, and says people do it all the time in the restaurant.

So, what say you? Is this milkshake and French fry heresy, or is it a common and accepted practice?

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