Dishcrawl Restaurant Tour Group Coming to Houston
Image from Dishcrawl

Dishcrawl Restaurant Tour Group Coming to Houston

The national restaurant crawl organization Dishcrawl is making its Houston debut next week with a foodie tour of Montrose.

The organization started in San Jose, California, with the idea of getting people out and about in the cities where they live to experience local food and culture. Dishcrawl already operates in nearly 200 locations across the country, and it's recently started groups in several Texas cities.

In June, national Dishcrawl representatives descended upon Houston to determine which neighborhoods and restaurants should be highlighted. Apparently they liked what they saw, because the first tour will take place Wednesday, July 24, and will stop by four Montrose locations. Tickets are $45 per person and include drinks only if the participating restaurant decides to do a pairing.

So which Montrose spots are taking part in this gastronomic adventure? Wouldn't you like to know!

Actually, we would, too, but that's a secret for now.

Houston Dishcrawl ambassador Christal Eve gave us a few details about the, but as part of the fun, the exact locations are kept secret until two days before the event. In the week leading up to the Montrose tour, Eve will start releasing hints via the Houston Dishcrawl Twitter.

Eve was able to tell us the final stop on the tour, though: SweetRide! Houston, which specializes in Italian ice and gelato and will be, Eve assures me, a great palate cleanser.

Eve, who has lived in Houston for more than ten years, is particularly excited to start going on the tours herself.

"I'm absolutely a foodie," she says. "I definitely follow food, most importantly for its cultural relevance. I hope to eventually travel to all these places, but in the meantime, eating ethnic food is the best way to experience a culture."

The tours are also a great way for people to meet local chefs, as the chefs and restaurateurs come out and talk to the group to explain the food and drink offerings. I imagine they're also a great way for new restaurant critics to meet local chefs, so I'll be tagging along on the first Dishcrawl. I'll be doing a write-up of the event after the fact, so be sure to check back then for our thoughts on the crawl and to find out what restaurants we went to!

In the meantime, I'm curious: Which four restaurants would be on your Montrose Dishcrawl?

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