Divine on the Line: Bottling Saint Arnold's Divine Reserve #9

Last week, we trekked out to the old Saint Arnold brewery to watch as Phil Dagger and the rest of the line crew bottled the limited-run Divine Reserve #9, which will hit store shelves on December 1. (Oh, and we sampled a little. Just a little. Don't worry; we left some for you.)

Halfway through gathering footage for the video you'll see below, a terrible tragedy befell the bottling line. Between the inch of beer that covers the floor of the production area and the fact that Eating Our Words is notoriously uncoordinated, we accidentally hit the emergency shutoff switch for the facility, ruining some of the bottles of Divine Reserve in the process. Oops. Our bad.

The reaction we got when we posted news of the incident on Twitter speaks to the zeal with which beer lovers regard the Divine Reserve brews: @BiteMeHouston put it best with his simple command, "Please remove yourself from the brewery." Luckily, crisis was averted as Dagger swooped into the filling room and restarted the bottling line with only a few bottles sacrificed to our clumsiness.

You can see a video of the entire bottling process below, which is much safer for the beer world, really, than viewing it in person. Trust us.

Videographer: Philip Nwachokor

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.