Dolce Vita Open For Lunch

After four years, Dolce Vita (500 Westheimer) has finally expanded its hours. This casual wine bar and pizzeria has been feeding the hip Montrose crowd since January 2006 -- but never for weekday lunch. "We had a lot of requests to open for lunch, and we've been open for four years now," Marco Wiles, owner of Dolce Vita, told us. "It took some time, but now we have some great people in place, so we are ready."

But why did it take so long for Wiles to agree to open for lunch? "We had a lot of issues to address, like making sure the oven was at the right temperature and making sure the parking wasn't a problem," he explained. "Mostly, we had to have the right staff in place." Well, we're glad he finally decided to bite the bullet.

Dolce Vita will be open from noon until close Tuesdays through Fridays and will feature the same menu for lunch and dinner. The restaurant will have daily specials starting at noon, and there will be a lunch salad that will change regularly. Now, instead of just wishing we had one of their crispy pizzas during the day, we can actually have them.

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