Pot Luck

Don's Cracklins

Cracklins taste like deep-fried bacon chunks with some crunchy skin attached. At Don's Specialty Meats in Scott, Louisiana, the cracklins are always hot. They are also tossed with a salty, peppery seasoning powder. Buy a bag of these things to nibble on in the car, and you risk losing control of the vehicle because the steering wheel becomes dangerously greasy in a matter of minutes. And you can't stop eating them until they are gone.

When I mentioned in a previous post that I stopped in Scott, a commenter asked if I stopped at Best Stop Supermarket or Don's. The answer, of course, is both.

Be careful when you attempt to drive to Don's. It's on the south access road of I-10 at the Scott exit just west of Lafayette -- you can see it from the highway if you are westbound. But there are two roads right along the highway. If you turn into the wrong one, you will find yourself flying by Don's, unable to stop as you enter I-10 eastbound. (I have made this mistake three times now.) Instead, carefully select the I-10 access road a few yards to the south.

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