Don't Work 9-to-5? There's a Monday Brunch Just for You

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Many people who work in restaurants don't get to have a nice sit-down meal themselves very often. They work weekends, nights and holidays, often getting off work so late that pretty much all that's open is the corner Whataburger, some taquerias and a few 24-hour diners.

The same goes for those who work in other service or entertainment venues, including retail stores, salons and theaters. Their busy time is when most other people are off work.

So, the possibility of going out for a nice, relaxing Sunday brunch is pretty much nil. Fortunately, one restaurant has stepped in to provide that experience on a day when many service industry people are off: Monday.

It's humorously named the No SH!#t Brunch and it's only at the Max's Wine Dive location at 214 Fairview. It's not limited to industry people: any guest can order from the brunch menu. The dishes are not just tasty; the prices are quite reasonable, too. Max's promises ten items on the menu for $10 and under.

There are mimosas and Micheladas to drink alongside, just as there would be for a typical weekend brunch. Max's invited member of the media to try the brunch for this past Monday. Several of the dishes were delightful. Max's is known for its fried chicken and its crispy, spicy, moist wings and round, lightly-sugared, cake donuts did not disappoint. The chicken-fried turkey breast was equally as good.

A big burrito filled with scrambled eggs and chorizo not only helped with the morning egg fix. I was fearful it would be a little bland but it was instead surprisingly flavorful.

There's a tongue-in-cheek "hair of the dog" option for those who may have celebrated Sunday night a little too hard. It's a 24-ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon and a spicy tortilla soup combo. It's called "The Cure." It wasn't named for the band.

Perhaps the most surprising dish that we enjoyed was the red velvet cake-battered jalapeño and cheese stuffed sausage. I expected to not like it. I think red velvet is a silly "flavor." Most of the red color comes from an overdose of food coloring and the actual flavor comes from chocolate. However, in this case it lends an outrageously fun color and the bit of sweetness added work well with the salty, juicy sausage and the tad bit of peppery heat.

The No SH!#T Brunch runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays and is a welcome avenue for service employees and weekday shift workers alike to both kick back and gear up for the coming week, mimosas in-hand.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.