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Donut Mania at Revival Market a Delicious Start to the Weekend

Given my affinity for Revival Market and their breakfast specials -- Kolache Saturday, anyone? -- I was surprised last week when I received their newsletter announcing "Donut Mania." The newsletter mentioned that their donuts are "easily the most popular breakfast" they have served; where the hell was I? It's possible I saw it and dismissed it (donuts are not my favorite, after years working at Dunkin' in college), but maybe I was traveling and missed it entirely. Either way, my husband sent me an e-mail that read:

Revival. Donuts. Saturday.

So I knew we were going. He doesn't even e-mail me back when I ask him what he wants for dinner, or to remind him to pick up the dog's prescriptions. But donuts are obviously Very Important Stuff.

The donut menu ($7.95 half-dozen assortments, pre-boxed): • Black Strap Rum Eggnog Cream-filled • Smoked Piloncillo Glazed • Heights Meyer Lemon & Sour Cream • Brown Sugar & Christmas Spice • Valhrona Chocolate & Malted Milk • Apple Pecan Fritters

At 8:10 a.m. there was a line of folks outside the front doors of Revival Market. Customers queued up in the parking lot, and Revival staff were counting off groups of about 15 or 20 to go in for coffee and donuts. Selling pre-boxed half-dozen selections was quite brilliant, saving everyone time and the staff a lot of headaches. Josh and I split up, with him in charge of donut procurement while I grabbed coffee. (My current addiction: the 20-hour cold brew. Color me amazed that I'm drinking iced coffee in December.) We were in and out in less than 20 minutes.

Obviously, leaving my husband unsupervised in the donut line meant that we went home with a full dozen. Six donuts each? Seems reasonable for two people who have been working on eating clean and working out more. I had my eye on the Meyer Lemon, while Josh was eager to dig into the Apple Pecan Fritter. Fun fact: We pronounce pecan PEE-can, not p'KAHN. We just can't break ourselves of it. Yay, Great Lakes accent!

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What impressed both of us was the great balance on the donuts. They weren't overly greasy, nor cloyingly sweet; all of the promised flavors were delivered. The Meyer Lemon was far and away my favorite, with a light, foamy sour cream filling that was so much more refreshing than a frosting or cream filling. Josh raved over the fritter, and was delighted with the crunch of the pecans; he was equally enamored of the Rum & Eggnog cream-filled, where the strong, boozy flavor was balanced by the light texture of both the donut and the filling.

Overall, I'm still a bigger fan of the kolaches -- maybe because they are still so exotic to me, maybe because I didn't spend my college vacations making them for extra money -- but Donut Mania is a worthy reason to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

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