Donut Patrol: Best Donuts

The glazed old-fashioned at Best Donuts on Braeswood at Hillcroft in Meyerland was excellent. It was also much bigger than the sad, stale little raised and glazed donut I sampled there. While I stood at the counter, I could see hot donuts cooling on a rack in the back, but I couldn't convince any of the non-English speaking employees to get me one. Whether they truly didn't understand me--or they just didn't want to go get me a hot donut -- I am not really sure.

I have since read about the jalapeño kolache at Best Donuts, but I am reluctant to turn the Donut Patrol into the Donut and Kolache Patrol. Granted, the boudin kolache at Shipley's on North Main was perhaps the best thing purchased in a donut shop that I ever put in my mouth, but once you get into kolaches, you are off on another subject entirely. And the next thing you know, you are driving to La Grange for breakfast. I think I'll stick with donuts for awhile. We'll do the "kolache krawl" another day.

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