Donut Patrol: Breakfast and a Floor Show

There's a picture window in the front of Shipley's Donuts on North Main where you can watch the baker rolling out the dough for each new batch of donuts. While you're standing in line, you can look over to the right and see the donuts coming out of the fryer and getting glazed. It's not quite as orchestrated for spectators as the Krispy Kreme assembly lines were, but it's still fascinating to watch your donuts getting made.

The North Main Shipley's location is so crowded most mornings that you are guaranteed hot donuts by the rapid rate of turnover. It's the same sort of self-perpetuating popularity that makes me want to buy my fried chicken at Frenchy's Chicken on Scott. If you go somewhere that's so crowded that you have to wait in a long line, then you have an excellent chance of getting your donuts (or fried chicken) hot out of the fryer when your turn finally comes.

And nothing beats a raised donut that's so hot the glaze is still dripping.

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