Donut Patrol: Breakfast on Bingle

I tried my first chocolate raised doughnut at the Shipley's on Bingle just north of Long Point. The chocolate flavor was very faint, and while the doughnut was fresh, it wasn't warm anymore. The raised and glazed doughnuts, on the other hand, were piping hot. There weren't any in the bin -- they had to walk over and get them from the cooling rack in the bakery, which is always a good sign.

There was a long line to get to the counter. While I waited, I watched through the window as the baker rolled out the dough for the next batch. Cut doughnuts were rising in the morning sun in the front window. Did you ever notice that when Shipley's raised doughnuts come out of the cutter, they have six sharp points and six straight sides? By the time the final rise is finished, the angles are all gone.

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