Pot Luck

Donut Patrol: Buttermilk and Baklava

The glazed buttermilk doughnuts aren't bad, but don't miss the Napoleans and the baklava at Donutz N' Stuff. There is a big sign written in Persian underneath the regular sign in front of this little donut shop on Eldridge Parkway near Briar Forest. I asked the woman behind the counter if the owner was Iranian. "No, he's Cambodian," she said. I had heard that a lot of new Cambodian immigrants were getting into the donut trade, so that made sense. But what was with the Farsi signage?

The donut clerk explained that the owner had worked out a business timeshare plan with a bunch of Iranian women. Donutz N' Stuff operates as a donut shop until noon each day, and in the afternoon it turns into a Persian bakery. The women bake custom wedding cakes and cakes for big parties. They also have a display case full of baklava and other "stuff" donut shop customers can buy at retail. If you ask me, the Persian pastries are the most interesting fare available.

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Robb Walsh
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