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Donut Patrol: Sesame Balls with Red Bean Paste

The dim sum sesame balls at Chinese Cuisine, a new dim sum joint at 9888 Bellaire, were excellent -- they came to the table piping hot and filled with red bean jelly. The dim sum sesame balls with yellow bean paste featured in last week's Donut Patrol drew disparaging comments from connoisseurs of the Chinese jelly doughnuts.

Yellow bean paste was deemed inferior by most commenters -- red bean jelly seems to be the consensus favorite. So I am delighted to report on a new place to get the red stuff.

Chinese Cuisine has a sign out front that reads "Dim Sum All Day," by which I think they mean "dim sum all day, every day." I went there on New Year's Day. Since it was a Friday, I didn't think Ocean Palace, Fung's Kitchen or Kim Son in Stafford would be serving dim sum. Those restaurants are the ones I like best for dim sum, but they serve it on weekends only.


The dim sum at Chinese Cuisine is ordered from a menu rather than chosen from a cart. The wonton noodle soup was very good, but most of the dumplings were too soggy. We ordered the sesame balls when we sat down, and they didn't show up until we were almost done eating. Which meant they were fried to order. (Your mileage may vary.)

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