Donut Patrol: Shipley's on Ella

When I started the Donut Patrol, I asked readers if there was any particular Shipley's location that was better than all the others. The consensus seems to be that the little old bakery just north of 610 on Ella is the place to get your doughnuts.

On Wednesday, a commenter named mamamia2 wrote: "I have been to almost EVERY SHIPLEY'S IN HOUSTON...I had not been to the one on Ella until I got to high school. It's the best damn donut place in the world...& I honestly think there is crack in them. I'm going this morning!"

With a recommendation like that, I had to try the Shipley's on Ella myself this morning. I asked Laura, the woman behind the counter, for two hot glazed doughnuts. She brought me a couple straight out of the fryer. "I've heard these are addictive," I said. She held the donuts up and teased me with them before she rung me up. Does the Ella Shipley fry at a lower temperature, or is there butter in the batter, or what? My doughnuts were mind-blowing.

I think they were better than Krispy Kremes.

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