Donut Patrol: Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours, the French bakery inside the Super H Mart Korean grocery store, sells several varieties of donuts. The round rice doughnut is a lot like a dim sum sesame ball. It has a crispy and chewy outer shell filled with sweet red-bean paste. It would probably be very good hot out of the fryer, but it was a little dull cold.

The other French/Korean breakfast item I sampled was called a corn cream doughnut. It was a cruller coated with a strange, sweet, yellow corn powder that stuck to everything it touched. The cruller was elastic and chewy in texture, while the coating was crumbly. It tasted downright weird.

Both of these items came wrapped in cellophane for your sanitary protection. There are a lot of items I really like at Tous Les Jours, including the baguettes and croissants. From here forward, I will avoid the French/Korean doughnuts.

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