Doozo's Dumplings

Eating top-flight Asian dumplings in the food court of a shopping mall is a little trippy. Actually, the entire shopping mall is strange. The Shops at Houston Center is a place that I would wager most Houstonians (even Inner-Loopers) have never visited.

It's a not-very-exciting mall, but during the lunch hour, it's populated almost exclusively by the secretaries and investment company and oil office-worker types who work nearby. If you wear shorts to work like I do, then you feel a little out of place. What everyone can agree on, though, is that those dumplings are amazing.

"Little pillows" is the best way to describe Doozo's Dumplings. Plump and full of either shredded veggies, pork or chicken, they are truly the best I have ever had. Six dollars is all they will set you back, and with the mobbed food-court seating, they are the perfect way to spend a lunch hour. You won't need any more time than that, either, as the long line moves fast.

Have your selection ready, as the little lady behind the counter doesn't wait for the indecisive. I like to get a full-order (ten for $6) combination (a mix of all three types) with spicy sauce (standard issue of soy, ginger, rice vinegar and sambal paste).

Midway through lunch, I thought I wouldn't be able to get full on just ten, but by the end I was stuffed. A fellow diner remarked that he needed a nap.

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