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Dosi Closes As a New Korean Concept Begins in the Witchcraft Space

Dosi Restaurant + Soju Bar at 2801 South Shepherd closed its doors on October 5. Owner An Vo says, “We are just going to focus our energy in the new restaurant in Midtown,” referring to Anju, the new concept going into the former West Gray Public House space at 510 Gray.

Despite receiving glowing reviews from both the Houston Press and the Houston Chronicle, Dosi just never seemed to really take off. The original chef, Jordan Asher, was praised for his modern takes on the Korean menu and was named by the Houston Press as one of Houston's hottest up-and-coming executive chefs

To try to remedy the issue, Vo decided to return Dosi to a more traditional menu. The restaurant closed for about a week to rework the concept, but ultimately the effort just didn't pan out.

Asher temporarily took on a consulting role during the transition and was then hired to rework the menu at Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Company at 1221 West 11th.

It's unclear whether Dosi's concept was ever actually the reason it didn't catch fire with Houston diners. It was located on Shepherd near Westheimer, an area that has suffered massive road construction for more than a year. Houstonians who know about the construction avoid driving through the area as much as possible.

Dosi's near neighbor 60 Degrees Mastercrafted closed earlier this year, and chef Fritz Gitschner blamed the construction for the lack of business. The space now houses Harwood Grill. However, our recent review noted that during one of our visits, the road leading to Harwood Grill's parking lot was entirely closed off. That's not exactly an incentive for diners.  

Interestingly, Ken Bridges of Delicious Concepts announced this morning that Witchcraft Tavern & Provisions Co. will re-emerge as Republic Diner + Sojubang, “the area’s only kitchen and bar offering a Korean menu.” Asher says he is not involved with that concept. “I'm working on a new business venture," wrote Asher. "Actually, Ken has wanted to do this concept for a long time. He is half Korean and is really knowledgeable of the cuisine. It seems fitting for me to be apart of it but he has the vision and recipes already. No need for me!” Asher says his new concept will be in the Houston area but cannot share other details at this time. 

Vo’s new Midtown concept, Anju, is slated to open in November, while Bridges’s Republic Diner + Sojubang officially opens on October 22. 
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