Drive-by Shawarma: Fadi's Shadowbriar

Fadi's in West Houston is the first place I've ever ordered chicken shawarma at a drive-through window. What a convenience this is when you want healthy food in a hurry. When Fadi Dimassi built his new restaurant on Westheimer just east of Dairy-Ashford, he put in a state-of-the-art pizza oven to make the flatbreads and a huge stainless display rotisserie for the chicken.

The Dimassi family owns the Fadi's on Westheimer and Dunvale as well as the Fadi's in Meyerland, but thanks to some complicated business deals, a third party owns the Dimassi restaurant chain -- a situation that infuriates Fadi Dimassi. "You think it's bad to misrepresent what kind of fish you're selling," Fadi Dimassi said. "These people are misrepresenting my entire family."

Fadi Dimassi set out to create the most advanced Middle Eastern restaurant in the city when he created the new Fadi's near Dairy-Ashford. And it looks to me like he's succeeded. Anyplace else have a drive-through window where you can get a hot roasted chicken, fresh-baked pita and a mezze plate to go?

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