Pot Luck

Dual Sausage Poor Boy

A barbecue sausage poor boy is a novel idea to begin with, but a barbecue sausage poor boy made with two varieties of housemade links really gets my attention. That's the sandwich the counter man at Hungry Farmer barbecue restaurant on Crosstimbers recommended. He claimed that the restaurant made their own pork sausage as well as the old-fashioned beef links, and that the ultimate sausage poor boy was made half and half, with both.

There wasn't a wood pile evident anywhere, and when I asked the guy at the counter to show me the pit, he declined. That led me to believe it was a gas-assisted cooking appliance. So I asked if it was a Southern Pride or an Old Hickory. The counterman guessed it was an Old Hickory. Although I don't care much for the brisket produced on this sort of easy-bake barbecue oven, I found the ribs sold at Hungry Farmer pretty good.

I decorated the dual-sausage poor boy with pickles and onions and lubricated the bread with a little barbecue sauce. The housemade links were very good, and so was the sandwich.

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Robb Walsh
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