Promising endless variety.
Promising endless variety.
Photo courtesy of Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts Expanding to Texas, Picks Houston First

It's not here yet, but soon, and probably well in time for Christmas. Duck Donuts is scheduled for a December arrival in Houston at 3157 West Holcombe and according to the North Carolina-based company, the possibilities are endless. Well as long as you don't want gluten-free; their website says they don't offer that (yet?)

Anyhow, the first question has to be: Why the name?  That's because Russ DiGilio founded them in the town of Duck. Second question: Why? Believe it or not, because there weren't any fresh, made to order doughnuts available when he and his family vacationed there.

Doughnut devotee or just a man who saw a need/opportunity, DeGilio grew his business to four Outer Banks sites by 2011 and then he started thinking franchising. "There are now 53 open franchise locations and more than 130 additional contracts in 23 states," a company press release states.

What makes Duck Donuts special is that it's adopted the Build-a-Bear approach to doughnuts, which are not made in advance. Call it fast casual doughnutting. Anyhow, Step 1 is that you show up at the location and start with your basic vanilla cake doughnut.

Step 2: Pick your coating from glazed to chocolate, blueberry to peanut butter and more. Even bare.

Step 3: You pick your topping be it rainbow sprinkles, oreos crumbles, chopped bacon — the list is endless.

Step 4: And by now you are really invested: Select the perfect drizzle with choices ranging from hot fudge to salted caramel and more. Or opt to go back two steps and pick a coating as your final topping.

Worn out by all this, order one of their signature coffees and go.

It may be difficult to believe that with all of Houston's doughnut shops that we need another one, but Houston is a large city that has always appreciated endless variety. We should be able to make room for Duck Donuts.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.